A community of love.


Driven by the belief that children thrive in a healthy, wholesome environment, nurtured by their mothers, and supported by a community that shares common ideals and fundamental values—the Village is born.

Room & Board

Residents will be provided with nutritious food, a furnished living space, basic necessities and clothing essentials. A modest weekly stipend will be provided; and a moderate 'nest egg'  will be earned and

 distributed upon matriculation.

Pregnancy & Birth 

Residents will receive health insurance, pre-natal, post-natal, and wellness care and education, and transportation to and from doctor appointments. 

Day Care & Beyond

From birth through the entirety of their residency, children will receive the essentials they need: formula, nutritious food, clothing, education, exposure to the arts, constructive recreation, and swimming lessons. 


Aquaponics is a method of organic farming that allows communities such as the Village to farm indoors—in any climate, any time of year. Residents participate in running the aquaponics farm.


Residents participate in a series of ongoing courses (parenting, etiquette, ethics, etc.); and have the opportunity to earn a college degree. Farming and pre-school teaching hours can be applied towards business and education accreditation.

Vocation Prep

Residents will be groomed for independence and learn the skills they need for success in the world. They'll learn how to write a resume, ace an interview, win an internship and ultimately  land a permanent job.

Build it and they will come.