A different kind of community

for a different kind of future.

About The Village

The Village is designed to provide a real and lasting alternative to abortion, foster care, unwanted marriage, homelessness, waywardness, and financial dependence. 


This new kind of community provides a safe and sound environment for children and their mothers—a kind of private neighborhood, where mothers are ushered through the challenging stages of pregnancy, birth and parenting as they adopt the skills and education needed to sustain themselves and live successfully in the world with their children.


This program is designed for single, healthy, pregnant women of any race, age, creed or religion who demonstrate a high aptitude to learn, a strong work-ethic, a desire to incorporate God in their lives, and a fundamental disposition towards service.  


A community of life.

Our Village

The Village is modeled after the kibbutz communities of Israel. Every member of our Village community participates in all facets of running its daily operations as they work towards individual educational and vocational goals—until they acquire all that is needed to achieve and sustain stability and independence.

For Children & Mothers
  • Room and board 

  • Pre-natal care and education

  • Montesorri-style education, participation and training options

  • Parenting and co-parenting education

  • Faith-based ethics, responsibility and independence fostered

Village Life
  • Communal tasks: daycare, cooking, and cleaning

  • Train and work in village's business

  • Study and attain high school diploma and/or undergraduate degree

  • Constructive recreation

  • Vocation and etiquette training

  • Ethics and religious education

Societal Benefits
  • Alternative to abortion 

  • Alternative to adoption and foster care

  • Alternative to unwanted marriage

  • Alternative to homelessness, depression and vulnerability

  •  Ability for child to remain with mother

  • Financiallyindependent from state, family and friends 


We're on a mission and welcome your gifts, your prayers and your love. 

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